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Before the ipad, ipod, iphone, androids & the like, to take your selfies on, there was the more inconvienent way of taking pictures. The good 'ol fashioned kind with a roll of 35mm film. That way was so much more expensive & time consuming. Yet, this is the procedure that was put into action when shooting photos on my blog pages. Well, at least for now, until I add more photos taken by updated equipment. Show your appreciation for my photos by leaving me a pleasant comment or email. I was just a rookie at the time, with my initial investment, into my new found hobby. The majority of pics taken were done in 1991- 1992. I took them while in college in Britain and traveling throughout Alaska. It's now 2016 & photography equipment has come a long way. Many things have now changed, from the way one's perspective perceives the world and how to transfer those images onto film. Now, you would have to say ~ have it digitalized into an image. I have now been taking photos for over 25 years. I absolutely love taking pics in the great outdoors & of wildlife. However, wildlife is probably the most challenging. I also enjoy taking photos of still life - products such as gourmet food. Given all the practice and challenges faced, the learning curve has been quite the adventure. My, then, found hobby as a new student in college, with an adventurous spirit & eager ~ determined will, advanced as my knowledge gained momentum in the world of photography. Finally, turning an appreciation for the outdoors, animals & a life long hobby, into a visual art & small business. It is now,  presently, "Vertical Step."